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I started creating webcomics in 2014, and have since fallen in love with creating characters, telling stories, and traveling to conventions to share my projects. 

Luca is an alien that never exactly fit in; what with his silly demeanor, his love of plants, his hunger for knowledge... and his ability to seemingly fuck up every simple task he is given. Drew is an introverted young human who spends all his free time working in his father's coffee shop and hoping that if he ignores his depression long enough it will just go away. 

What might happen when these two unlikely beings meet under rocky circumstances? And what painful history will be unearthed in the process...?

Arco Valentine wants nothing more than to become a freedom-fighter for marine animals, and being accepted into this exclusive internship is the first step among many to come his way.

However, little does he know following your dreams can be harder than you think, especially when a certain introverted musician keeps getting in your way.