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Madeleine Cull - aka "Mccull"

Hello Everyone~!

My name is Madeleine Cull, AKA Maddie or AKA Mccull (based on where you found me first). I am a twenty-three year old author, webcomic artist, and regular con go-er who spends too much time hunched over a computer screen making the same expression of whatever character I am drawing. 

I started doing art as a very young child, literally since I could hold a pencil, and have since grown up fascinated with creating characters and stories. In 2014, fresh out of high-school, I began my first webcomic called "The Maple Effect" and never anticipated that several years later I would be making a name for myself as an author because of it. The journey has been long, but looking back I can see that it is only just the start of what I want to do. 

To get to know me better you can poke around my social media with the links below, or simply send me an email!